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We are a major manufacturing and sales location within the Egger Group, founded in 1970 from the former Italian company Bramati & Widmer, licencee since 1958 for the recessed Turo® Vortex impeller pump on the Italian market.The license agreement was then extended over the years to encompass the whole range of the Egger products, enabling us to strengthen our know-how and expertise towards Italian customers.Willing to set our strongly motivated and dedicated Italian team new and challenging goals and aiming to expand the presence of Egger on the African continent, it was agreed in 2016 with the Parent company that Turo Italia takes over the responsibility for this market.We are a fully independent organization covering the whole supply chain and we share our Group mission as a trusted partner for engineered pumping solutions, with a view to establishing a strong, long-lasting partnership with our valued global customers.

Emile Egger
Emile Egger

We are a Swiss family owned manufacturing company which was founded in 1947 in order to produce its first own developed pump, specifically designed to handle foaming/gaseous liquids with fibres (multiphase liquids). The revolutionary unique fully recessed Turo® Vortex impeller pump was designed and patented in 1958 while 1964 saw the development and introduction of the Iris valve, a centrally opening aperture valve for accurate measuring and regulating of liquids, powders and gasses. In the years that followed, listening to the voice of our customers drove our product development. In addition to improving the original Turo® design, we also developed and enhanced our large axial flow, semi-open impeller, reactor and ATEX Zone 0 pumps, maintaining our focus on providing the most advanced hydraulic technology. Over the last 70 years, we have kept faith to our mission as a trusted partner for engineered pumping solutions, aiming to meet the ever increasing requirements of our customers in the existing and emerging markets.

Emile Egger
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